Shell Ace

Shell Ace is a library for the Delphi development environment allowing you to quickly create all kinds of extensions for Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer, such as context menus or tooltips. You do not need to spend time on studying tons of documentation and delve into the peculiarities of its implementations in various Windows versions in order to create a shell extension. Just download and install the Shell Ace library and develop all your extensions in the object-oriented style you are used to.

Shell Ace allows you to create the following shell extensions:

The Shell Ace library includes a plug-in for Delphi IDE that is integrated into the development environment and makes it possible to generate shell extension frameworks literally within a couple of mouse clicks. It makes shell development considerably easier and faster. Besides generating frameworks, the plug-in allows you to create a demo sample for each of extension types you create, which makes it easier to learn about the features of the library.

The library has been developed with the peculiarities of the latest Windows versions taken into account, which makes it possible to create modern user-friendly shell extensions. Shell Ace allows you to create shell extensions practically in any version of Delphi starting from Delphi 7 and up to Delphi 10.4 Sydney. Delphi XE2 or later allows you to develop 64-bit versions of extensions.

Also, the ShellAce allows you to create Namespace Shell Extensions, but the code for creating NSE is not included in the public part of the library. Contact us if you are interested in this additional functionality.