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To install the Shell Ace library on your computer, you should run the installation software. It allows you to select the folder all library files will be saved to. It is also possible to select the Delphi versions the library will be installed in. The installation software will automatically detect the versions of Delphi installed on your computer and show them as a list.

Установщик Shell Ace

Currently, the following Delphi versions are supported:

The Shell Ace library includes a special extension of the Windows shell called RegExtension allowing you to register any shell extensions in the system. This extension adds two new commands to the context menu of a dll file: Register and Unregister. They are responsible for registering and unregistering an extension, respectively. Also, these commands are duplicated on the Explorer toolbar in Windows XP and Windows 7.


If you want this extension to be also installed during the installation of Shell Ace, enable the Register extension registration tool option. Windows Vista and later systems will show the User Account Control dialog box if you register the extension during the installation. You have to confirm the action to successfully register the extension.

If you have purchased a commercial license for using Shell Ace, you should enable the Install source pas files option to install the source code. The License Key field will become available in this case. To avoid mistakes in the key, copy the contents of your key to the clipboard and paste it into the input field.

After you select all the options you need, click the Install button. If the installation is successfully completed, you will see the corresponding message and the program will be automatically closed. If an error occurs during the installation, you can contact the technical support providing the description of the error. The most common error is the inability to create a file. If there is a dll file mentioned in the description of the error, it means that Windows Explorer loaded the RegExtension extension file. The easiest way to deal with the problem is restart the operating system. If there is a bpl file mentioned in the description of the error, it means that you have Delphi running and it would not allow the bpl file to be overwritten. Just close the Delphi environment and repeat the installation.

Besides copying all necessary files, the installation software also integrates the library into the installed versions of the Delphi during the installation. The integration includes installing the IDE extension into the development environment, which makes it possible to create shell extension frameworks and adding paths where library files are located to the Library path list.

Actual version info: